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What Is uGAM3?


About uGAM3

History: uGAM3 (pronounced 'you game') was founded in 2011 from the culmination of a few individual's dreams and ambitions to create one of the most exciting and affordable gaming experiences around. uGAM3 staff consider themselves hardcore gamers and as such we hope to be able to share our joy of all things gaming with our community. From a little shop with 13 gaming rigs and a few merchandise to the 20 plus gaming computers and thousands of gamer products we now stock at our new location we are always striving to improve the uGAM3 experience.  
General Information
Love to play games?  So do we! Whatever your game of choice, it's simple, uGam3! 
For a brief video tour and summary of our shop feel free to check out this below:

Our competitive card game scene: 
players of all kinds can thrive in uGAM3's competitive atmosphere. Whether your passion is Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Cards Against Humanity, Naruto, or even Spoils we have you covered. We carry many items including singles, merchandise, and sealed products on our webstore and even 
thousands more in our actual shop. uGAM3 hosts many different tournaments through the week also such as FNM (Friday night magic). uGAM3 now streams many of these events live! For more info check out uGAM3's Events page.

Our pc and console gaming lounge: 
Gamers can experience the thrill of a lan party setting or just sit back, relax, and enjoy playing one of the hundreds of pc or console games we have. All of our computers are custom built gaming rigs fine tuned to perform.  From our high end computer chairs to our large 27" 1ms response time gaming monitors to our use of high quality periferials such as laser gaming mice uGAM3 is a gamer's paradise!
 We also host occassional tournaments such as Super Smash Bros, Halo, and League of Legends. uGam3 even has lock-Ins for $30 a person so you and your friends can get your game on all night and don't worry! We provide the pizza! Just like some of our card game events, uGAM3 streams live occasionaly!

Our table top events and board games: We carry dozens of different board games on both our webstore and our shop. We also host a D&D night on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as Pathfinder on table top day on Tuesdays. uGAM3 also has the wicked cool Anki Drive to play with at major Lock-Ins. Trust us it's very cool. We will also host warhammer 40k complete with table boards, product, paint supplies, & even two house armies to try out!.

Other exciting events at uGAM3: 
Have a birthday or special event coming up? We've got you covered! Ask one of our friendly employees for details about our party packages! You can even rent out just a room to have your event. 
 We also host art lessons once a week. Call or check out our Events page for more details. Space is limited.

Pricing: uGam3
offers very competitive pricing compared to other entertainment venues. Please note: you do NOT have to become a full member to register or purchase hours, becoming a member will however significanty lower the cost of purchasing time. Hour prices can become as cheap as $2.50 each depending on the package and day! Become a uGAM3 VIP-Member today for $50 and save!
"See you there!"
 -uGAM3 Staff